DeFi100 - the first synthetic asset on Binance smart chain, pegged to the total Defi market cap.

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Stake & earn xD100, D100 & Other Tokens with high APY vaults & pools.

What is DeFi100?

DEFI100-Rebase is an elastic supply synthetic index token based on the total market cap of the DeFi sector. Pegged at a ratio of 1:100 Billion, DEFI100 derives its data using decentralized oracles from DIA to maintain the accuracy of feeds and accurate rebases. 

Learn more about DeFi100 token and rebase by watching this explainer video.

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DeFi100 Features

Token Price Oracle

DeFi100 Token Price Oracles are powered by DIA's decentralized Oracles for more accuracy and accurate TWAP feeds.

Buy Back & Burn

There exists a Dynamic Buy Back & Burn System to control inflation and sustainable growth of the DeFi100 ecosystem organically.

Farms & Vaults

Earn D100 & xD100 Tokens along with many other tokens as a reward for staking and farming on the New DeFi100 Farms.

Flexible Rebase

DeFi100 is A token where the project’s total token supply is not fixed, but instead automatically adjusts on a routine basis.

CEX Listings

DeFi100 and xD100 Tokens are traded actively on various exchanges such as Bilaxy, HotBit & BakerySwap.

Rich Dashboard

Powered by Moontools app, now watch live price action and real time data about D100 on the native Dashboard.

DeFi100 Partners

Value Defi